Buying a house is an important decision and you have the ability to make the best decision will the help of a Realtor.  
I can give you the tools and information to give you the confidence you need to enter into the largest investment of your life.  

My services include assisting my clients in the following ways: decisions based on where you want to live, financial options, where the market stands today, the
condition of the house and its real price, to name a few. In addition, I will do most of the legwork for you so you save time, money and energy.

Please feel free to call me at (843) 609-8998 or email me at

Advice to Buyers

1) Ask question to your lenders
2) Act fast on a property you like or someone else will buy it
3) Get the right Realtor – ME
4) Make your offer look appealing to the seller
5) Think about the resale of your house.  

Home & Building Inspections

Name              Robert Knowles (Professional Engineer)
Company        Knowles Inspection Services LLC
Mobile             (843) 991-8095

Utilities Services

Company       SC&G
Phone            1-866-794-5061

Company       Mount Pleasant Water
Phone            (843)884-9626

Company       Charleston Water
Phone            (843) 727-6800

Company       Carolina Gas Co
Phone            (843) 884-6611

Company       Blue Flame Gas Co
Phone            (843) 884-2017

Company       Berkeley Electric
phone            (843) 553-5020

Company       Berkeley Water
Phone            (843) 572-4400

Company       City of Goose Creek
Phone            (843) 797-6220

Company       Dorchester County Water & Sewer
Phone            (843) 832-0075  ‎
Before choosing your agent, be sure

1. What strategies will you use to find
a buyer for my home?

2. How will you help me determine the
correct asking price for my home?

3. What type of communication can I
expect from you?
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Equal Housing Opportunity
Closing the Lowcountry
A Professional Realtor
Some good advantages of owning a home

Tax Benefits: The interest you pay on your home loan and your property taxes
may be tax deduction when you file your income taxes at the end of the year.  
Please consult your tax advisor about these potential tax benefits.

Building Home Equity: The more principal you pay towards your home loan,
the lower your loan balance will be. Equity is the difference between the value
of your home and what your loan balance is.  

Potential Appreciation: In the past, history has shown us that home prices can
fall. It is not a guarantee that home prices will increase but historically they
tend to go up over time.  

Home equity loans and lines of credit: If you built up enough equity in your
home, you might be able to take out a home equity loan or home equity line of
credit to pay for other expenses.

Stability: Putting down roots and having that sense of ownership is important
to some of us.  Owning a home can offer the stability of knowing where you will
be living
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