Reasons You may want to Sell Now

Sell low and buy low.
Although you are selling at a low rate, you will be buying at a low rate also.
Down-payment help is widely available. Ask me about 100% financing.
Move on with your life.  
Don’t let the market keep you from doing what you really want to do.
The kids have all graduated from college.  
You and your spouse finally have time to yourselves… then they move back home!
You have three spare rooms in a four bedroom house.
You have to shuffle your cars each morning to leave for work.
You spend more time driving to work than you do with your family.
You spend more money each month for storage than you do for your mortgage.
Your neighbor found a loophole in the homeowner’s association rules & is raising
You keep hearing faint voices telling you to “get out” and they’re getting louder.
Grandpa Jed just struck oil while hunting in your backyard.
The dog’s house doubles as a guest room.
You have to take a number to use the bathroom
Free Market Analysis

Contact me for a FREE market analysis of your property and a no-obligation consultation
about the home-selling process.

I am available to answer your selling questions.   
I am your neighborhood selling specialist and I put my clients first!

Your property must be priced in accordance with other sales in your area!   
Otherwise, you may not be getting the top-dollar price for your property!  

Selling a piece of property is mostly about the marketing.   
If your property is not marketed correctly, potential buyers may never even see it.

I believe in the old fashioned values of honesty, hard work, knowledge and service
with enthusiasm.  People are my business - Real Estate Service is my product!  

My mission is to help you reach your goals."  

Please do not hesitate email or call me for an appointment today
Ideas to Do When Selling Your Home
Remember 1st Impressions are Everything to a Buyer

       Less is better
       Cut Lawn, trim trees edging   -   Front Entrance should look Clean and Manicured
       Repair any broken items including woodwork
       Replace any rusted items   -   ex:  door knobs
       Remove personal belonging and store away unnecessary articles
       Remove any excess furniture
       Remove Valuables
       Deep clean house   -   Steam clean rug – Clean upholstery – Polish Wood surfaces
       Clean, neat, well-kept rooms make a good impression & show your home in a favorable light
       Paint front door if necessary or at least give it a good cleaning
       Pressure wash house if needed   -   Wash windows inside and out
       Add potpourri, make the house smell great
       Remove pets and neutralize pet odors
       Make beds with clean sheets, etc   -  Make your bedrooms look like bedrooms (inviting)
       Bathrooms spotless   -   Repair dripping faucets and showerheads
       Clean refrigerator   -   Clean stove – cabinets, appliances and fixtures
       Try to keep countertops clean and empty (bare)
       Polish cabinets – Clean carpets
       Clean draperies – Need Lots of lighting   -   Open curtains and blinds
       Keep your garage doors close    
       Look at your house as the eyes of buyer(s)
       Open window shades – let the light in

A little bit of Cost may go a long way

Fresh Coat of Paint or touchup areas   -   Neutral colors
Replace carpet
Add some flowers to entrance way and plants
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